Bike rental in San Sebastian

Electric Bike rental in San Sebastian

Discover the secrets of our culture with our themed rentals or cycle at your own pace on an electric bike.

Discover San Sebastian in a sustainable way with an authentic local.

Our tours are designed to make the most of your stay, come in and find out more.

Highlight Tour

Discover San Sebastian with our Classic Electric Bike Tour.

Discover the essential San Sebastian, from the most emblematic places to the most unknown neighbourhoods.
Our experience as local guides makes us know which are the most attractive places for tourists. That is why we adapt each bike tour in San Sebastian to create that kind of experience to unique places like Sagardoetxea and Albaola Faktoria.

Bike rental San Sebastian

Bike rental

Rent our electric bicycles to visit San Sebastian at your own pace.

Explore San Sebastian at your own pace on an electric bike. In addition to our guided bike tours, at Go Local we offer you the possibility of renting our electric bikes to visit San Sebastian on your own. The bike rental can be hired by the hour or by the day, depending on your needs.

Electric Bike Rental in San Sebastian

Visiting San Sebastian by bike is different. On the one hand for the safety and comfort provided by the city itself, which has good cycle lane facilities that run through a large part of the city. And secondly for the amount of bikes that we have for rent, all of them electric that bring us comfort in our visit.

Enjoy the city with our bike rental in San Sebastian as a real donostiarra.

Reserve your electric bike in San Sebastian

Private bike tours San Sebastian

Personalised tours

Personalized bike tour of San Sebastian

We can also design a personalised tour for you to live a unique experience. If the e-bike tours we offer do not fit your needs or you are looking for a unique experience, we can design customised electric bike tours for you.

E-Bike Tour in San Sebastian

This type of tour is ideal for those who travel to San Sebastian for only a few days and want to see a large part of the city in an agile and sustainable way.

Bike Rental Team by Go Local San Sebastian

The best tours can only be done with the best guides.

Alain Larraya

Alain, friend of my friends and lover of risk sports, I landed in Donosti several years ago with the intention of setting up my base camp here.

Alba Irazabalbeitia

Kaixo! I’m Alba, and although my name doesn’t sound very Basque, my unpronounceable surname proves the opposite. I’ve always been from San Sebastian.

Iñigo Ansa

Kaixo! I’m Iñigo, one of the founders of Go Local. I graduated in tourism from the University of Deusto in 2008. My favourite tour is any bike tour, for me the best way to get around San Sebastian and its surroundings.

Pelayo Lasa

Kaixo! My name is Pelayo and I am one of the Go Local guides. Although I was born outside of Donosti, all my paternal family is from here.

Hegoi Iparraguirre

Hello! My name is Hegoi, a name that has its roots in Basque mythology, and since I was a child I have been fascinated by Basque culture and especially by talking about it.