San Sebastian Tourism

Get to know all the tourist destinations in San Sebastián that you can discover with our bike tours. Discover the neighborhoods, monuments, history, famous people, parks and other extraordinary places in Donosti with Bike Rental San Sebastián.

What to see in San Sebastian

San Sebastian Tourism
Tamborrada de San Sebastián

Tamborrada of San Sebastian

The beating heart of Donostia comes to life every January 20 in a unique celebration, the Tamborrada of San Sebastian. Immerse yourself in this unique festivity, where the roar of drums and the echo of history merge into an unforgettable spectacle. From the first drumbeat to the exciting lowering , the city is transformed into […]

Palacio de miramar

Miramar Palace

Discover the Miramar Palace, the jewel of San Sebastián , where history and architecture merge in a magical setting in front of La Concha Bay . This emblematic palace, designed by Wornum, invites you to explore its gardens, enjoy dreamlike panoramic views and immerse yourself in the rich history of Spanish royalty. Dare to live […]

La Concha Bay: Discover the Jewel of San Sebastián

La Concha Bay is presented as a natural treasure that conquers the hearts of local and international visitors. We will approach this paradisiacal destination, revealing its charms and best kept secrets. From the iconic island of Santa Clara to the elegant railings that line the coast, immerse yourself with us on a visual and descriptive […]

Zurriola Beach: Exploring a Costing Paradise

Zurriola Beach emerges as a hidden treasure in the city, offering not only a magnificent stretch of golden sand, but also a unique experience that combines relaxation in the sun and sea with the excitement of water sports and beach activities. beach. Location of Zurriola Beach Located in the heart of the city, Zurriola Beach […]

Municipal Fronton Atano III

Municipal Fronton Atano III

Many times on our electric bike tours we stop at the municipal handball court (fronton) Atano III to teach you how to play handball (pelota mano), the most popular traditional sport in the Basque Country. For us it is a special moment, as it allows us to talk about traditional Basque sports, an essential part of […]

Cristina Enea Park

Cristina Enea Park

San Sebastian is full of public parks, one of the attractions of the city, which is becoming greener every day and has more natural spaces. Perhaps the best known park is the gardens of the Miramar Palace, in the middle of La Concha Bay. But there are many more, and the largest of them all […]

Monte Igueldo: our Funicular and Amusement Park

One of the essential places to visit when you come to San Sebastián is undoubtedly Monte Igueldo. Our border to the west, Igueldo (in Basque Igeldo, literally “place of frogs”) measures 181 meters high and separates San Sebastián from the town of Orio, just 17 kilometers on the coast towards Bilbao. In fact, it is […]

Kursaal Congress Palace and Auditorium

Kursaal Congress Palace and Auditorium

Strolling along the coast of San Sebastian we can find several emblematic buildings such as the Town Hall, the Royal Nautical Club and the Miramar Palace in the Bay of La Concha, but also, on the beach of La Zurriola, the Kursaal Conference Centre and Auditorium next to the river Urumea. This building by Rafael […]

San Telmo’s Museum

San Telmo Museum

The San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián is the city’s museum par excellence. Located in the heart of the historic center, it arouses interest in visitors by transporting them into Basque history through dynamic content and an unbeatable atmosphere. Next we will review its history, its visits, hours and restaurant, a stop in the center […]

Ondarreta beach in San Sebastian

Ondarreta beach in San Sebastian

As many people know, San Sebastian has 3 beaches, the best known of which is La Concha, of course. But in the bay of the same name there is another beach, which sometimes goes unnoticed, Ondarreta beach, which is at the end of the bay of La Concha, at the foot of Mount Igeldo. Ondarreta […]

Jardines Alderdi Eder

Alderdi Eder Gardens: a historical park

One of the obligatory visits in San Sebastian is the Alderdi Eder gardens in front of the Town Hall and with the Bahía de la Concha in the background. It is also one of the meeting and interest points for tourists when they come to our city. Originally drawn by Ducasse, a gardener of French […]

Barrio Egia en San Sebastián

Egia neighborhood in San Sebastian: artistic and cultural epicenter

San Sebastian, the beautiful coastal city of the Basque Country, is known for its rich culture, impressive architecture, and lively nightlife. In the middle of this vibrant city is the charming Barrio de Egia, a neighborhood that offers a perfect mix of history, fascinating architecture and an exciting night scene. It is one of our […]