Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions.

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions that you have asked us over the years regarding tours, guided visits and electric bike rental. If you have any questions and you can’t find the answer, we encourage you to contact our team, we will be happy to help you!

About our tours

Where is the meeting point?

All of our visits start from Plaza Sarriegui 9, right next to the Boulevard. It’s the street behind the Tourism Office and next to La Bretxa market

Where is the Boulevard?

It’s the avenue that divides the neighbourhoods of the Old Town and the Centre, starting at the Town Hall and ending at La Bretxa market. If you come by public transport, many of the city bus lines stop here, so it won’t be difficult to find, and if you come by private car, you’ll also find one of the city’s car parks here.

About parking, where can I park my car?

San Sebastian is not a very car-friendly city, so we’d recommend using public transport or simply getting around on foot or by bike. But if you have no choice but to use your car, bear in mind that parking in the city centre is paid parking (OTA service), which can be paid for at the parking meter or via an app. The city also offers many private car parks where you can park your car comfortably, here you can find the most central ones.

Do I have to book in advance?

It’s not mandatory, but all of our tours have a limited number of places, so if you do not want to miss it, please check out our website and book your visit!

Is there a limited number of places per visit?

All of our visits have a limited number of places, all of them for several reasons: not causing a negative impact, the number of bikes we have, etc. Please check out the information when booking each visit.

I did not get a confirmation.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a reservation or that the visit is not happening. You will get your booking confirmation in the email address you provided us with between 7 or 10 days before the visit.

At what time do we have to be at the meeting point?

We like to start on time, so it’s always best to come around 10 minutes before the tour starts. This way we can assist you better and we won’t keep anyone waiting – after all, holiday time is money!

Can I do two tours in one day?

Yes, in fact, some tours are complementary. Check out our calendar and book those that you are most interested in!

What clothes and footwear should I wear?

You have to choose your clothes based mainly on the weather. We have a lot of rain in San Sebastian, especially in the winter, so we recommend you to have a raincoat or an umbrella. You should also wear appropriate footwear for walking, like sneakers or a comfortable shoe. Every tour has its own recommendations, so we encourage you to go through them.

What are the possible languages for the tours?

We offer visits in Spanish, English, Basque and French on different groups.

Can I hire a private tour?

Sure! Just contact us and we will create an experience that fits your needs.