Miramar Palace

Discover the Miramar Palace, the jewel of San Sebastián , where history and architecture merge in a magical setting in front of La Concha Bay . This emblematic palace, designed by Wornum, invites you to explore its gardens, enjoy dreamlike panoramic views and immerse yourself in the rich history of Spanish royalty. Dare to live […]

Palacio de miramar


Discover the Miramar Palace, the jewel of San Sebastián , where history and architecture merge in a magical setting in front of La Concha Bay . This emblematic palace, designed by Wornum, invites you to explore its gardens, enjoy dreamlike panoramic views and immerse yourself in the rich history of Spanish royalty.

Dare to live a unique experience in Donostia, exploring the corners of this historic place that promises to be an unforgettable journey through the art, culture and landscape beauty of the Basque Country.

History of the Miramar Palace

Built in 1893 by the English architect Selden Wornum at the request of Queen María Cristina, widow of Alfonso XII, this English-style palace stands majestically in front of La Concha Bay, offering some of the most spectacular views of Donostia.

The history of the Miramar Palace is intrinsically linked to the royal summers. San Sebastián became the favorite summer retreat of the Spanish aristocracy thanks to Isabel II, but it was María Cristina who consolidated this link by moving the court’s summer vacations to the city. Her desire was to have a summer residence that reflected the splendor and elegance of the nobility, giving rise to the creation of this magnificent palace.

Located in a unique enclave, the palace was designed to blend in with the aesthetics of English country houses, incorporating neo-Gothic elements that give it a distinctive character. In addition to its function as a summer residence for royalty, the Miramar Palace has had various uses over time, reflecting the political and social changes in Spain. From being the headquarters of cultural and educational events to becoming the heart of the Summer Courses of the University of the Basque Country, its history is a mirror of the evolution of San Sebastián as a city of culture and tourism.

Through the years, the Miramar Palace has maintained its grandeur and continues to be a meeting point for visitors who wish to explore the rich history and architectural beauty of San Sebastián. This legacy of love, art and history invites each visitor to discover the stories contained within its walls, the gardens that surround it and the unparalleled views that have captivated generations.


The Miramar Palace stands as an emblem of beauty and serenity in front of the impressive La Concha Bay , one of the most iconic beaches in San Sebastián and the Basque Country. This magnificent palace is located precisely at the point that connects the vibrant city center with the quiet and aristocratic Antiguo neighborhood, offering unparalleled access to both urban culture and nature.

The choice of its location was not a coincidence; It was meticulously selected by Queen María Cristina for its privileged view of the Cantabrian Sea and for being surrounded by lush gardens that form a green oasis in the middle of the city. This proximity to water and natural spaces underlines the importance of Donostia’s connection with the sea and open spaces, central elements in the lives of its inhabitants and in the city’s tourist offer.

Furthermore, the Miramar Palace not only benefits from its exceptional geographical location , but is also located on one of the most emblematic routes for lovers of walking and cycling. Visitors can explore the area on foot or by bicycle , enjoying a bike lane infrastructure that invites them to discover San Sebastián in a sustainable and unique way, as we mentioned above in relation to the electric bike rental service available in the city.

This strategic location also facilitates access to other points of cultural and leisure interest in Donostia , such as museums, art galleries, and world-renowned gastronomy. The Miramar Palace, therefore, not only stands out for its architectural beauty and history, but also for being the ideal starting point to immerse yourself in the rich culture and lifestyle of San Sebastian, marked by the love of art, nature and the sea.

palace viewing point

The Miramar Palace is not only famous for its English architecture and gardens, but also for housing one of the most spectacular viewpoints in San Sebastián . From this privileged balcony, visitors can delight in unparalleled panoramic views of La Concha Bay, taking in the gaze from Mount Urgull to Mount Igueldo, with the island of Santa Clara presiding over the center of this picturesque marine landscape.

This viewpoint becomes a stage where the intense blue of the Cantabrian Sea merges with the sky , offering a natural spectacle that varies from dawn, with its golden tones, to sunset, when the sun sets, painting the horizon red and orange. . Furthermore, the location of the palace, as we have already mentioned, provides a unique perspective of the city of Donostia , making it an ideal place for photographs that capture the essence of San Sebastián.

Visiting the Miramar Palace viewpoint is to immerse yourself in a visual and sensory experience, where the sound of the waves, the aroma of the sea, and the sea breeze come together to create indelible memories of your time in Donostia-San Sebastián.

How to get to Miramar Palace

Getting to the Miramar Palace is easy, thanks to its central location and San Sebastián’s excellent public transport network. For visitors who prefer to explore the city at their own pace, walking from the center is a great option that allows them to enjoy the urban and coastal beauty of Donostia. The walk from the Old Town or the city center can take approximately 20 to 30 minutes , depending on each person’s pace.

For those who opt for public transportation, several bus lines have stops near the palace, such as lines 5, 25, and 33, among others, which connect different parts of the city with this architectural gem. Detailed information on routes and schedules can be easily found on the official San Sebastián public transport website .

Visitors who decide to arrive by bicycle will find that San Sebastián is perfectly equipped with cycle lanes that guarantee a safe and pleasant trip to the Miramar Palace, reaffirming the city’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

Finally, for those traveling by car , parking is available nearby, although during the summer months and weekends demand can be high , so it is recommended to consider alternative transportation options.

At the conclusion of your visit to the Miramar Palace, we invite you to explore San Sebastián in a unique and memorable way . AND

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