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Visit one of the best places in Spain, the Basque Country. Its environment of nature, mountains and beach; together with its culture or gastronomy make our home a unique place to visit.

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San Sebastian Tourism

Sculpture Peine del Viento: a special place made by Eduardo Chillida

The city of San Sebastian has many unique corners of both nature and the world of architecture. The Peine del Viento (Wind Comb) sculpture is, however, the perfect union of both things, so today we will talk in depth about it. History of the sculpture Peine del Viento The Peine del Viento sculpture was designed […]

Sagardoetxea: the Basque cider museum

In addition to its incredible landscapes and heritage, the Basque Country is known for the quality and history of its ciders. In honor of this you can find the Sagardoetxea, a small corner full of experiences to commemorate and be in contact with this incredible world of cider. A bit of the history of Sagardoetxea […]

albaola faktoria pasaia

Albaola Faktoria: the cradle of Basque sailing

The city of San Sebastián and its surroundings hide great landscapes and secrets that you must discover to fall in love with this incredible area of ​​the peninsula. One of these mandatory visit points is the Albaola Faktoria. Don’t you know what it is? Continue reading to learn all about her. What is the Albaola […]